Monday, October 11, 2010

Trick and Tips How to Solve The Kekkai in The Forest

You know that The Kekkai is the most dificult in Training TP. But if you know the trick to solve this Mission, it is so easy to solved. There are a few things you need to do:
- First you need to focus and concretate.
- In this mission you have to speculate the rune, based on pictures above i speculate the rune consist of Green, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow.
But the result are 3 on the right position,  and 1 on the wrong position. It means one of that rune is not used.
We can test by fill one line with one rune. So we will know which rune that not used. For example on pictures above (line 2 -5).
- If we already know the right 5 rune. It's time to speculate!But you also must look carefully on line above which rune is on the right position and which rune is on the wrong position.
- If you choose one by one the rune carefully it will be so easy to solve the Kekkai.

Good Luck...!!!


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