Saturday, October 16, 2010

How to choose The Right Secret Talent in Ninja Saga

"Secret Talent", it's very scary to hear about it. Certainly All ninja to want Secret Talent in Ninja Saga. But not all ninja can get Secret Talent. There are several requirements that must be held to have Secret Talent, it's the strongest skill in Ninja saga.

Well, there are requirements that must be held to have it, you have to :
- Level 50 above to acquire Primary Secret Talent.
- Level 60 and reached next ninja rank to acquire Secondary Secret Talent.
- You must discover your Secret Talent.
- You must upgrade your previous skill to have next skill tree.

If you confused what secret talent you should have to choose, i have some suggestion for you:
- Choose Secret Talent in accordance with your Elements. If your elements are Earth and Fire, you better choose Explosive Lava. If your elements are Water and Earth, you better choose Enraged Forest.
- If your elements are not available in Secret Talent, be patient and wait for another Secret Talent released.
- Do not be hasty in choosing Secret Talent that does not match with your element.
- Choose the most useful Talent.
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Rare Pets in Ninja Saga : Yamaru and Yajiro

As you know Ninja saga is in Halloween season now. There are many rare item, costumes, and pets that you can't get in another season. For example werewolf costume, this costume will make you look strong and manly.

Moreover you can get Yamaru, it's a strong pet. Yamaru has more jutsu that another pets. It will be usefull in battle. You can get Yamaru in Pets Shop. And now you can get rare pet named Yajiro. It's Yamaru's brother. But you can't get Yajiro on Pets Shop.
So where you get that pets other than in the Pets Shop?

Don't worry, you can get that pets for free, buut you have to fast to get that pet. Because Yajiro is just flying somewhere on your friends' Facebook profiles! So if you late you can't get Yajiro.
You have to fast and Grab it. After that you can train Yajiro in a battle. So Yajiro can be more strong and can help you in battle or mission.

And remember Yajiro is only available during Halloween season.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to Get free 50 Token and Rare Back item Dark Blade

I have a way to get a free token which I will share to you. Indeed there are many ways to get tokens in Ninja Saga, start of the paid up for free. I will share to you how to get tokens for free. But this way is clearly not a cheat. Look at  the picture above go to invite friends. Some time ago Ninja Saga has updated its rewards from invite friends. Well here we can use. Indeed, if not diligent this way will be a little difficult and time consuming. But we will get a reward in the form of free tokens.

The way to get free token is go to invite friends menu , then you must invite friend as many as 10 people. After we invite 10 people successfully, we can claim for rewards in the form of token 50. As an example in the picture above. The picture show that we has been successfully invite 15 friends.

After we can invite 25 friends succesfsully and after all the rewards already in the claim, then the friend list that we have invited will going back to 0. We can start again and could invite friend to get 50 tokens anymore.

Besides we get free tokens, another rewards are also quite interesting, it is the back  item Dark Blade. This is not an ordinary item, Dark Blade has the effect that:
- Increase critical rate 3%
- Increase accuracy by 3%
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Talent Guide Ninja Saga

Yea... finally the long-awaited feature already exists. Talent that awaited was finally released. But there are a few of us are confused and the difficulty how to get this talent. Here's a quick introduction: Here there are 2 systems talent, namely Extreme Secret Talent and Talent. Any ninja can only have 1 and 2 Secret Extreme Talent Talent. - Extreme Conditions got Talent is a level 40 (already a Jounin) - Conditions for the Secret Talent is a Level 50 for the first Secret Talent for Secret Talent and the other is Level 60. For the latter is still cooming soon. 1. Entrance to the building Talent, Select Extreme Talent that you want then click button on the bottom right  to discover.

Remember When you have selected one Extreme Talent. It will not be canceled or can not unlearn. Whereas More (Extreme Secret Talent & Talent) Will Be Cooming! So do not be too hasty to select it. Look at a few things below :
- Each Extreme Talent, there is a skill tree that is the order of Skill to be learned. Each sequence has a level of skill to 10. We must upgrade Talent Skill (TP) can learn the skill tree for the next.
- Examples to learn skills Onmyouji: Wondrous Doors we have to upgrade the previous skill the Soul of Onmyouji.
- TP or Talent Points are points that used to raise skill levels in order to study the next skill tree.
- We can get TP in the Training Room located in the Kage and Talent Panel. Each training gives us 10 TP and could only get 3 times the training per day.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Way to Defeat Byakko

One of interesting battle is when you fight with World Boss. Sure it's not easy to defeat them. Now i want to share you how to defeat one of them. Now i want to discuss about Byakko. Byakko have strength in defence and of course Byakko have strength in attack. No doubt it's hard to beat Byakko. But not imposibble to beat it. There's way to defeat it is:
1. Bring Healing Scroll

2. Use deferent weapon in battle, use weapon that have special efect. For example, 
- Great Tengu Spears : Recover your HP and CP by 4% when use Buff : lightning charge, fire power
- Burning Yanki Sickle : 60% chance to Reduce 1% HP of enemy for 3 turns

3. Use Jutsu that have efect reduce HP for example : Prison Coliding Wave
4. Don't forget to use Feather Ilussion to make Sleeping influence to the enemy
If you have done like example above you have chance to defeat Byakko. You must use the Jutsu and change weapon cleverly. 
- When you attack enemy use Wheel Monk Weapon to increase your critical damage.
- Use Great Tengu Spears when you use buff to recover your HP and CP.
- When Byakko use Endurance, attack with Burning Yanki Sickle.
- When you need to recharge your CP or HP you must use Feather Ilussion.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Finish Jounin Exam Part 1


For The Saga Lovers must be familiar with the Jounin Exam. Especially for an already level 40 will take on Jounin Exam. Jounin Exam itself consists of phases - the different stages - different, that is divided into 5 Stage: Part1, Part2, part3, Part4, Part5.
The following will discuss Part1, The Hand Seals. This exam will test our memory. We are asked to select the code out to the step that is mentioned. Diujian is recommended to use a screen shoot or PRINT SCREEN on the keyboard. At the time appeared the code press the Print screen button. Here is sample code that moment I gather from the Exam Jounin Exam that I follow.

If 10 code have filled with the proper stance, then we'll pass the exam. If not we can repeat ithe exam until it works. Good Luck.
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Chunin Exam Part 2

If at first Exam you're going to test your knowledge,the next exam will teste your ability to fight.
But not to be confused, we provide a guide to facilitate your examination.

The team you bring a roll.
Find and Defeat the other 3 teams and collect three reels before you see the exit.

Recruit two friends

Explore the area used to map the top.
Explore the right side of the map area as well.
A scroll - on the forest
2 scroll - on the beach
3 scroll - in cave

The exit is on the bottom side of the map so to go there after you have collected all the reels 3.
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